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Telisiney Na Nuvvey Lyrics – Arjun Reddy

    Arjun Reddy movie released in the year 2017. This movie is directed by the Sandeep Vanga. Telisiney na nuvvey song is from Arjun reddy movie. This song lyrics are written by the Rambabu gosala. Music given by the Radhan. Vijay devarakonda, Shalini pandey plays a main lead role in this movie.

    Telisiney na nuvvey song lyrics in English:

    Telisiney na nuvvey
    Na nuvu kadhani
    Telisine ni nane
    Neenanu kanani
    Naalo sagam ika ledhu ani
    Aa ninnale choosi navvale

    Na ninnale nanu choosi navvele
    Marunadu annadhe
    Ika undabodhani
    Annadhi ee kshanam…

    Na pranam nuvvey
    Na gundey nuvey
    Gundello mande nippai cherave

    Oohalake theliyanidhe
    Jarigenu ipudela
    Nuvu nenu anu matey ikapai
    Undahule entila
    Thappu edho jarigane
    Reppa paatulo
    Cheppaleni vedhanaga
    Uppenalle tharimuthondhi
    Nuvvu lenidhe mari nenu lenani
    Anndhi ee kshanam..
    Na antham nuvvey
    Na pantham nuvvey
    Na pantham antha
    Ee vishwamantha…(2)

    This is what you wanna
    See me why
    Lady you know how it feels me ahh
    Day and night all the time every day
    Killing my self
    My lady you know
    I lost my world some where
    You know where is it
    I am dying all the day
    Loosing my patience down
    Can anyone just tell me who am i
    Better kill me i dont need this shit

    Telisiney na nuvvey
    Na nuvu kadhani
    Telisine ni nane
    Neenanu kanani

    Movie: Arjun Reddy
    Song: Breakup Song
    Lyrics: Rambabu Gosala
    Music: Radhan
    Starring: Vijay Devarakonda, Shalini Pandey
    Music Label: Aditya Music

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